Who you are, right now: A snapshot in 50 facts

A recent YouTube tag really inspired me. Your favorite vloggers present you with 50 facts, and you suddenly feel like you know much more about them.

I think it’s very hard to know someone only based on what they share online, but even those of you who know me well may learn something new with this list! Who knows.

This is also a list for my own memory purposes. A snapshot of Mandi, right before she turned 24. This is me!


A lovely page from Annies picture book, Be Who You Are by Todd Parr

Without further ado, here we are:

50 Facts About Mandi

  1. I watch Rent every so often for a soul cleanse.
  2. I used to pet cats all the time until my allergic reaction got to be too bad.
  3. I am a 3 on the Enneagram (with a strong 4 wing) and an INFJ on the Meyers-Briggs.
  4. I think I’m good at everything (and sometimes I’m right).
  5. I can’t run a mile (or even a quarter mile) without my inhaler.
  6. I prefer silver over gold.
  7. I love Christmas lights more than most people.
  8. I get really attached to traditions. I’ve asked for the same birthday cake every single year, and the one time we decided not to do presents at Christmas I cried.
  9. I think I’m singlehandedly keeping the postal service alive.
  10. I forget every book I ever read (which I why I re-read them so often).
  11. I want my dog to be able to sit pretty with a treat balanced on his nose, but he can barely sit on command.
  12. I always wish I spent more time reading. Every day, every week, and every year.
  13. I absolutely abhor the sound of the harpsichord.
  14. Sometimes I really do prefer the movie/tv adaptations over the book (Princess Diaries, Sherlock).
  15. My next dream travel destination is New Zealand.
  16. Ravenclaw Thunderbird and PROUD.
  17. If I did everything on my dream to-do list every day, the day would have to have 40 hours in it. Literally. I counted.
  18. I experience romantic chemistry with very few individuals.
  19. I’m a huge introvert, but nobody believes me because I’m also outgoing, friendly, and talkative.
  20. Going into toy stores is just as much fun for me as it is for my 2-year-old niece.
  21. The only time I’ve successfully gone into a bookstore alone without purchasing anything was when I locked my wallet in the glove compartment of my car.
  22. I love walking barefoot outside.
  23. I try really, really hard to avoid being “mainstream.”
  24. During the happiest moment of my entire life, I was singing in a choir.
  25. I usually prefer not to listen to music in the car or while getting ready.
  26. I read through my journals every year, even though they’re really painful to get through sometimes.
  27. I actually fold my clothes using the KonMari method– but I won’t be standing my carrots vertically in the fridge anytime soon.
  28. Shopping is really fun for me, even if I don’t buy anything.
  29. I try to keep my advertisement exposure to a minimum. (Which is one big reason why I don’t watch TV).
  30. My favorite color has been purple ever since I was 2 years old, and all I can remember is talking about it with my Grandma Sadler. I think she loved that color too.
  31. I didn’t really like spicy food until I went to Ghana– and now I love it.
  32. I regret not being able to remember all the facts I learned in high school.
  33. My favorite candy of all time comes from the Wonka self-serve machines at the movies.
  34. Sports are one area of life that I have never succeeded in.
  35. If I could live off grid and still connect with the ones I love, I would totally do it.
  36. I’m allergic to all smoke and practically all scents (along with 43 out of the 45 other things the allergist tested me for). Yet, people still give me candles every year.
  37. Goblet of Fire is my favorite of the HP books.
  38. I really enjoy setting goals, but I often move on to other projects too quickly to reach them.
  39. I love dessert, but not more than a bite or two. I can’t make a dent in any dessert I order.
  40. If you try to steal my food I will stab you with my fork (and I’ve done it before).
  41. One of my few guilty pleasures when I was younger: Degrassi.
  42. I had night terrors for three years when I first got to college.
  43. My love language is gift giving.
  44. I really enjoy writing 2,000 words every day for a living.
  45. I need more sleep than your average two people combined.
  46. If there’s sugary cereal in the house, I will eat it and it will be gone very soon.
  47. I sincerely wish for a fairy tale life, in every sense.
  48. I don’t love Nutella.
  49. My favorite place I’ve traveled to so far was Venice. My least favorite was LA.
  50. I used to really, really, really want to be on Broadway.


It actually wasn’t hard at all for me to come up with 50 facts about myself. I’d be interested to see how long my life would be if I kept going until I couldn’t come up with another one.

Translation: I’m basically a super random person with ten too many hobbies. (hah!)

If you have a few minutes to think about it, what are three interesting facts that you might start your list with? I’d love to hear the result of your musings in the comments below (since your answer will undoubtedly be much more interesting than any response you’d give at a professional development meeting or the start of a seminar class).


“The less human you feel, the more human you become.” ― Eric Micha’el Leventhal



  1. Just leaving you a few comments about the 50 items you listed by listing the number I am referencing.

    #1 – Me too! I also listen to the full album at least twice a month… sometimes much more!
    #5 – I can confirm this fact about you.
    #6 – I prefer gold.
    #9 – I really appreciate this!
    #19 – I am too, but people have argued with me over this fact. I am an INTJ.
    #25 – I love my tunes, especially in the car.
    #27 – I had to look this up. I watched this video as my reference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpc5_1896ro). I absolutely love the way I fold my clothes, and people always comment if they open my drawers. I don’t put that much love into the process, but I really enjoy folding clean laundry.
    #30 – I hope this never changes!
    #37 – BOO!!!!!! (You should have seen this comment coming from me. Lolz.)
    #41 – I wasn’t allowed to watch this show, but I always wanted to.
    #46 – I’ve also witnessed this!!
    #48 – Me either.
    #50 – I STILL DO!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for backing me up, friend! And for leaving this comment! :) My love for cereal and my distaste for running are traits that I’ll probably never lose. haha.

    I didn’t know you wanted to watch Degrassi!!! It was a soul-sucker. lol. Smallville was SO MUCH BETTER.

    If you’re interested in learning more about the KonMari method, I’d definitely recommend her (uber popular) book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s a quick read, and has some really good ideas in it for how to declutter your entire life! Plus, some unintentionally hilarious tidbits. Like the carrots.

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