About Mandi

Hello! My name is Mandi Sadler. I am a tree hugger, an animal lover, and a seeker of inspiration.

I love cooking, reading, creating, teaching, crafting, spending time outdoors, and engaging in music.

My favorite color is purple, my favorite animal is the cheetah, and I am currently getting used to a new adult life and big-girl job in Austin, TX with my puppy Leben.

I hope that here you can find inspiration from my musings on life.

Thank you for stopping by!



Keeping the Flame: What does it mean? 

I once interviewed one of my most valued mentors. I asked her for her best advice for aspiring teachers, and she gave me this gem:

“Always be the keeper of your own flame.”

This means that you alone are responsible for cultivating joy, creativity, self-care, etc. in your life. You must keep alive the flame that resides within you– musically, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

I have taken these words as my personal mantra in my quest for joy and fulfillment.



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