Harry Potter Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

Over the past year, I may or may not have done quite a bit of zoning out in front of YouTube.

I honestly can’t even begin to estimate the number of videos, hours of content, or new channels that I discovered in the past year– and I am more than a little glad that YouTube doesn’t give you a “2016 in Review” vid with all your stats. Cause that could be embarrassing.

During the course of the year, however, I did happen upon some YouTube channels that I absolutely fell in love with. One of those was SuperCarlinBrothers. Their arguments are so intellectual, logical, and sometimes irrefutable, that I was immediately impressed. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of this turned out to be canon.

As far as fan theories go, these guys take the cake. I’ve discussed their ideas with many of my Potterhead friends, and the consensus is clear: SCB have made a career out of theorizing fandoms, and we really hope they keep it up.

Without further ado, here are my top five SCB Harry Potter fan theories that I may or may not actively believe to be fact. Feel free to discuss in the comments below.






I love taking part in a universe that is so complex, we can only theorize about its deeper facets.

It’s not the first time that I’m saying this, and it certainly won’t be the last, but… Thank you, Jo.


“Don’t talk to me.”
“Why not?”
“Because I want to fix that in my memory for ever. Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret…”
J.K. Rowling