Familiar Places & Familiar Faces

This weekend I got the opportunity to return home and see a few of the people that are most important to me.

After the anxiety I felt surrounding the “first day of school” and the crazy nightmares I’ve been having, I really felt like I needed to get away. I felt homesick. I needed to go home.

In an answer from the universe, I suddenly received five whole days off in a row—the PERFECT amount of time to drive up north and make my rounds. I packed my bag five minutes after receiving the news, got Leben a sitter, and was on my way.

First, I drove up to my birthplace and familial home, a tiny town north of Fort Worth. I stayed the night at my Granny’s house and got to enjoy some of her deliciously homegrown summer bounty.

20160826_113658 20160825_175451

I had no idea how much I had been craving fried okra until it was sizzling in the skillet in front of me. YUM.

20160826_122729 20160826_122742

I also spent a lovely morning out in the garden cutting okra and picking squash. Working in the vegetable garden might just be my favorite summer activity.

We picked the produce, washed it, and served it up on our plates ten minutes later. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Because Granny was recovering from a minor day procedure this weekend, I also got to see Mama and LB while I was at the farm!


Next stop: ARKANSAS.

Earlier this week I had lamented that I wouldn’t get to see my friends in Fayetteville because the drive was suddenly too far. Driving from Dallas was doable… 8-9 hours from Austin was not.

This long weekend off, I took my chance!

I arrived in Arkansas and finally got a hug from my best friend that I had missed SO MUCH. We caught up on all of our adventures all weekend, talking late into the night.

While in Fayetteville, I also went for a beautiful Saturday morning hike, visited with my best friend at a local dog park, and happened across a few really neat shops downtown.

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After a delicious Sunday brunch, I took myself and my things back down south to my University hometown where I had dinner with my beautiful best friend.

We talked much later than I intended, and my heart was so full. I got to meet her sweet new canine companion, and we even ran into two of my other Denton friends on the square. This was completely unexpected, 100% serendipity.

I was so happy.

After a joyful evening, I drove to my childhood home and spent the night in the house where I grew up. I saw my parents briefly and got to sleep in my own bed. After a good night’s sleep, I got up early and began the long journey back home to Austin.

I am beyond grateful for this gift of a weekend.


I don’t know about you guys, but I NEED my friends. I have a few close friends, and I keep them so close to my heart. It’s really difficult to be away from them or out of communication for too long. Their smiling faces, hugs, and stories were just the balm I needed to face the world again.

I am so thankful that I was able to recharge in such a fulfilling way.

Now that I’ve had a rejuvenating, encouraging, and loving vacation, I feel prepared to get back to my “real life.”

“When all else fails, take a vacation.” ― Betty Williams



  1. I love the Hootenanny songbook. Oh my gosh!
    Serendipity…I got a house sitting job the same week they are re-roofing my apartment complex. Love your blog. keep em coming.

  2. Your support means the world. YOU are my target audience, Camille! <3

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