Denton Favorites: Shops

This is a post in Keeping the Flame’s “Farewell Denton” Series. This week will feature one post per day up until moving day (May 22), and will feature reflections on my undergraduate experience, posts about Denton in general, and posts about graduation!

I would be remiss if I did not give a shoutout to my three favorite shops in Denton.

These places have been my haunts for five long years, and I have had employees tell me that they see me at work more often than they see their managers.

If you’re ever in town and looking for some wonderful locally-owned shops to search through, look no further than this list. I take pride in taking all who visit me at school to these places!

I can say with confidence that if I ever find myself in Denton in the future, the trip will absolutely include a stop to one or more of these unique shops. In no particular order:

1. Juliet’s Jewels

315 W. Sycamore– Denton, TX 76201

This unbelievably quirky store has provided me with countless beautiful accessories and has put quite the dent in my wallet!

I spent a lot of time at Juliet’s Jewels this semester as I was engaging in pre-field anthropological research with the staff there. I learned so much about what makes this store so very special.

When you enter, you’re immediately greeted warmly and offered a cup of fresh tea, brewed-to-order.

If you can get out of there without purchasing a gemstone ring, a beaded tapestry, or a pair of gorgeous earrings, you’re definitely a stronger person than I am!

2. Recycled Books and Records

200 N. Locust– Denton, TX  76201

Welcome to my favorite used bookstore of all time.

That is quite the honor, since I make a habit of going into every single used bookstore I pass by.

Recycled is a beautifully winding maze of treasures, from art volumes to foreign language books to children’s fiction… I NEVER walk out of the store disappointed.

I also love selling my books back to Recycled, because they give me a WAY better deal than Half Price ever did. Just the other day I got 37 bucks for a small stack! That, my friends, is amazing.

I have spent so many long hours perusing the stacks, discovering new little hideaways, and finding unique and rare books.

I will miss Recycled so very much.

3. Scrap

420 S. Bell Ave– Denton, TX  76201

This store is billed as a “Creative Reuse Center,” but I lovingly refer to it as the used craft supply store.

Never in my life have I happened upon such a find!!!

If you need JUST A LITTLE BIT of green paint, or just a couple pages of scrapbook paper, or just a scrap of fabric, or just a handful of colored pencils, this is your heaven. And, you can leave the store with all of this stuff for under 50 cents.

I’m not joking.

This place is a crafter’s dream!!

I have found many amazing items here for use in my crafts, and I love sifting through the calendar pages and paper stacks for amazing vintage pieces to put in my junk journals. Why pay twenty dollars for pieces of paper that you’re only going to use the corner of??

I really, really, REALLY hope that Austin has a store like this one. If they don’t, I might just open one myself.

Honorable Mention goes to Sleeping Lizard (jewelry and gifts); it didn’t quite make the top three but is definitely still worth a visit.

“If shopping doesn’t make you happy, you’re in the wrong shop!” –Mimosa Rose