Hiking to Heed the Call

Once again, I followed the call. The forest calls me, and I go.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been really sick. I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office since Thanksgiving, and that’s hard for me. I get over things quickly. I move on. I only take one (if any) days off.

For reasons yet unknown to me, my body was upset at me. I didn’t think I had been doing too much– but maybe I was? I usually only get sick when I’ve pushed myself past my limits. I’m not sure what brought this on.

Understood or not, meds or no, I had stomach issues, an ear infection, a sinus infection with a hacking cough, and, ultimately, the flu. BOOOOOOO.

In all of that time, I spent very little time outside. It’s gotten colder, there’s not nearly as much sunshine, and being out with Leben doesn’t feel as much fun when I’m physically exhausted to begin with. I haven’t had a forest bath in a long time.

Here, today, I woke up feeling flu-less– but blobby. I heard the call, quiet but insistent. And I followed. I took Leben and a few layers and trekked out to a local trail to be alone in the woods.

With the cold on my cheeks and the warmth inside from my walk, I came home feeling rejuvenated, creative, and inspired. I’m thankful. I hope you enjoy seeing these glimpses of Austin in the beginning of winter.










While I’m still on the search for a natural space in my surrounding area where I can easily get to that doesn’t have the sound of highway traffic in the background, this trail is fantastic for a quick nature fix.

The hunt goes on for a place that makes me feel like I’m once again the only human on this earth. Until then, I’ll just keep coming back to the forest.

Just as one calls into the forest, so it echoes back. –Polish proverb