Joy’s Awakening

Happiness is a hug, a smile, a glance.

Happiness is a kind word, and a soft touch.

Happiness is getting out of bed in the morning.

Happiness is puppy kisses, laughter, a chance of pace.

Happiness is blackberry jam cake and games with friends.

Happiness is the murmuring shuffle of book browsers lifting novels from the stacks.

Happiness is relief, adventure, excitement.

Happiness is a quick breath and a lingering kiss.

Happiness is new words, old and dear faces, delightful sky colors…


Yet, happiness is NOT joy.

Joy slumbers deep inside, ever existing but thoroughly exhausted from carrying the weight of the world. Joy waits, glowing sleepily, until it becomes safe to emerge once more. Absent but not obsolete, it quietly bides its time until it can emerge in confidence.

Joy is weakened by stress, anxiety, and despair most of all– but still it remains, dormant but anticipatory, quietly protecting itself from injury.

Joy sleeps undisturbed, sometimes for a very long time. Too spent to carry on with any more than the minimal activities of pure existence, it rests, rejuvenating itself.

Days, weeks, months pass, until…


Happiness nudges joy awake. Happiness gently shakes joy’s arms, strokes joy’s hands, blows cool air over joy’s peacefully closed eyes.

Joy may be a deep sleeper, but the more happiness comes around, joy gradually begins to stir. Joy’s eyes flutter with each new gentle touch. A yawn and a pleasing stretch follow.

“Is it safe to wake up now?” Joy murmurs.

“Maybe!” answers happiness with a small, bright smile. “Come and see for yourself.”



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