The Perfect Hike

Leben and I have been taking full advantage of these few days of spring that Texas provides. We have gone hiking nearly every day.

This time of year, you are surrounded by color.

The bright, clear blue of the Texas sky, the brilliant green of new growth leaves, the blinding sunlight… even the wildflowers are beginning to bloom out in vibrant shades.

Yesterday, I drove way out into the middle of Flower Mound on the hunt for a supposedly-amazing trailhead. One trail we stopped at already that morning was flooded out, and so I was ready for something great to make up for the disappointment.

Disclaimer: I spend a LOT of my free time researching, finding, and hiking random trails in this area. They are not easy to find. I plan on writing a blog post soon giving you all “Mandi’s Denton Area Trial Guide.” Until then, feel free to feel shocked.

I found a tiny trail, barely marked, in the middle of a strange half-suburb. It wound its way behind property lines, farm fences, and houses. The way was rocky (yay!) and overgrown (not yay!).

However, after a couple minutes of hiking down this narrow path, we happened upon some utterly stunning experiences.

We found a lovely little bubbling creek that seemed to laugh with us in the breeze. We saw huge butterflies gathering nectar from gorgeous wildflowers. We met the friendliest horses in a completely surprise encounter. And, we saw the hugest turtle I have ever seen in the wild.

I left the trail two hours later with the biggest grin on my face and a huge spring in my step.

Here are some pictures of our journey:

20160403_130111 20160403_130115

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