He is not here; he has risen! “

Easter morning comes joyously out of a beautiful sunset and a yearning darkness.
This has been quite the eventful Lenten season for me!
I began with a quest to rediscover the holiness of life through small daily rituals. You can read about my goals here! 
I found much success in creating a holy morning quiet time, but it took a while for me to learn how to actually get up in the morning. You may laugh all you want, but honestly the thing that finally did the trick was practicing! Not at bedtime, I got all ready in bed, set an alarm for five minutes.. and I practiced what I would do each time my alarm went off! It really worked. 6am rolled around and I sat straight up in bed and got on with my life. Practice makes perfect.
As far as little daily rituals go, I created a beautifully simple altar on top of my bookshelf onto which I placed a royally purple scarf and symbols of purity. I enjoyed creating this little space! I also made a distinct effort to wash my hands before going to read scripture– while I washed, I said a little prayer of cleansing. I also kept a ribbon neatly tied around my Bible, so that every time I went to open it, I “unwrapped” the book. I thought to myself a little word of thanks for such a beautiful divine gift. 


This week leading up to Easter, I have been engaging in a Week of Prayer on my own. I chose to pray 2-3 times a day for about 10 minutes at a time, and I kept a prayer journal of what I prayed for and what I received as an answer.
It’s amazing how many prayers get answered when you actually pray them!!!
This week alone, my eyes have been opened to so many blessings. I have consciously altered behaviors that before I just admonished myself for. I witnessed more goodness in others than I usually see. And, so many little details of my life that were up in the air fell right into place this week. 
This is not to say that if I had prayed for these things months ago, they would have happened simply because I asked. I’m not sure how God works all the time, but that just doesn’t seem logical to me. 
However, I DO know that when I ask for something, I am far more aware and grateful when I receive it. I am far less likely to attribute anything to mere coincidence. 
When I live a week in prayer, I automatically become more present. I live more joyfully into each moment. I relish the smaller events in life. 


During this season, I have experienced my share of darkness. I have also experienced beautiful moments of pure, beautiful, and holy light. 
On Easter, we remember that light ultimately DOES counter the darkness, once and for all. I love celebrating this victory. 
I also love the chance to sing a few more “Alleluias.”
I hope you have a very blessed Easter!

I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things.” –Mother Teresa