One Word

If I could only sing one word for the rest of my life, what would it be?


Just try it. Say it out loud. Sing it high, sing it low!
Savor the vowels, the flow of the syllables, the upward-feeling release.
I spent at least twenty solid minutes today singing that word (on notes penned by the great J. S. Bach), and had plenty of time to think about its merit while our conductor was busy seeing to the tenors.


Whisper it. It even sounds wonderful as a secret!
I also happen to adore the meaning of the word. It’s an exclamation, a joyous rousing cry that means “God be praised!”
I love that we say this word on the daily. We hear this word on the ever-present TV, in movies, and on the radio. We use it flippantly and jokingly… but we still use it!
Sitting in rehearsal today, I decided that if I were a composer, I would compose a whole set of songs using just this word.

I am apparently not the only one who has had this idea! Here are a couple of wonderfully beautiful pieces that use this word as their only text:

Eric Whitacre’s Alleluia– (a vocal arrangement of my favorite of his works, “October”)
REALLY check this one out:  A fabulous recording of one of my personal favorite choral works!
Baylor Bella Voce – Alleluia (from Songs of Faith) – Paul Basler
Feel free to sing along. I’m sure you’ll be able to by the end!


Such a lovely word.
What is your favorite word to say?