HPB Labor Day Haul


I rarely ever have a reason to post a “haul” of any kind. Unless you count buying a fridge full of yummy produce, I don’t tend to buy things in huge batches. I tend to buy a book here and there using the points that come up on my credit card (if we’re being honest).

This time of year is one of the only exceptions to my usually-restrained practice. THIS is the Half Price Books Labor Day Sale… when the entire store, including sale and clearance, is an additional 20% off.

This is Christmas in September every year for me!

I set my alarm, got up early, and took my little self to the local HPB as one of their very first customers of the morning.


I spent three hours in the store, scouring every single shelf of every single aisle. Yes, even the children’s, metaphysics, and American war history sections. You just never know what you’ll find!

For me, a trip to the bookstore is a fantastic sensory and imaginative experience.

This year I came home with an interesting batch of books to add to my never-ending TBR shelf! Here’s a closer look:

At barely a dollar, this novel that has been on my TBR Goodreads list was a must for me. I’m so excited to read this historical fiction imagination of this artist.

I actually saw this painting in person! (I think… I’m not that into art museums… but I feel like I have, somewhere in my European escapades!)


This gem of an autobiography from the CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY shelf at the HPB near my house just screamed my name. I couldn’t resist rifling through the pages. I can’t wait to read about the !Kung people through the eyes of this amazing woman. In her own words!

20160902_135354 20160902_135402

This “reimagining” of 1001 Arabian Nights caught my eye immediately. It’s just so BEAUTIFUL! I am a sucker for fairy tales of all kinds, and I’ve been looking for an entry-point into the Arabian Nights tales.

This beautifully bite-sized novel will add accessibility to my fairy tale shelf!


This is a highly-anticipated YA middle grade novel that the bookstagrammers on my feed have been raving about for weeks. When I read the magical premise, I just knew I’d have to pick it up.

I figured today was the day, since I have NO chance of finding this one at the public library for the next two years!

20160902_135437 20160902_135445 20160902_135528

This next set of books really plays to one of my recent intellectual interests– FOOD. Specifically, issues of sustainability, locavorism, and global food concepts.

I’m so excited to continue learning about foodways through reading about one family’s journey eating locally, one woman’s foray into a fabulous Parisian culinary institute, and one chef’s exploration of world gastronomy (with recipes!)

20160902_135632 20160902_135700 20160902_135711

Making my rounds through the YA shelves, I paused at a copy of the third book in this series. It was in the most perfect edition, the one that I LOVE most. I held it in my hands, thinking sadly that I wished they had a full trio that I could purchase. (They never do.)


I looked up, and right above me, sitting atop the shelf I was standing before, was this beautiful and CHEAP boxed set!

One of my favorite series, and in the most lovely paperback editions. I am so excited. Aren’t they just gorgeous??

Beautiful editions of books that I love make me want to re-read them again and again– and isn’t that the point, after all?


My yearly HPB Labor Day Sale tradition was a big hit again this year! I’m so glad I’ve made this a habit. It’s hard to look forward to fall, but this event makes my life a whole lot brighter!

Happy reading, everyone!

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” ― Lemony Snicket