The World Around Us

Beautiful things happen around the world every day.

We hear about the tragic, the shocking, the gruesome, and the threatening things… but how often are we presented with beautiful moments?

Let us fill our minds, our hearts, and our internet spaces with moments that touch the soul.

This is my contribution to you today: a collection of beautiful moments captured from all over the internet. My hope is that you read, click, and explore these glimmers of hope in a world which often seems dark and too miserable for words.

Let these moments bring you joy today. :)

1. TEDx in Beirut


Here we see the culminating moments of a TEDx event in Beirut. The participants began the day by filling up the wall with things that they wished to “let go” of. In a stunning and memorable conclusion to the event, they were invited to splatter the wall with colored powder.

Like these people, we can let go. And when we do, it can be wild, colorful, fun, and freeing. Check out the story here.

2. Inspiring and Empowering Women in the UK

This video… I love it. I am all about girl power, and girl empowerment. These women in the UK prove to us that if #thisgirlcan, then we ALL can.

Although this video is meant to empower women, its inspiring message rings true for all of us: “Judgement is a barrier that can be overcome.”

I find this so inspiring! This was gathered from author Elizabeth Gilbert’s awesome Facebook page. For plenty of other inspiring posts and discussion, check her out here.

3. Indigenous Success in Canada


During my brief stop-over in Vancouver, I began learning about the indigenous people called the “First Nations.” I heard some of their stories, soaked in their art, and loved seeing how the community there took steps to preserve their rich cultural heritage.

In another location, these people won a significant victory. In preserving “the land that gives life,” they were not only preserving their traditional homeland. The people of the Poplar River region also may be helping to save our planet.

Despite the vast mineral and natural resources that exist in this now-protected region, we as humans have agreed that its inherent value is vastly more important.

This inspiring story of connection to our earth comes from National Geographic. Check it out here.

4. Amazing Music Education in Kentucky

This is a stunning Led Zeppelin medley, performed by a group of middle school students in a percussion ensemble from across the state of Kentucky.

Prepare to be amazed.

This is just one amazing example of what kids are capable of– and how music education really makes a big difference! Check out the story from NPR Music here.

5. Chinese New Year in New York City

This post comes from one of my favorite sites– Humans of New York. The caption reads: “”It’s her first new year. Well, her second new year. But the first one she could go outside.” Check out the original post here.

What if we were bombarded by adorable pictures of toddlers every day, celebrating ancient traditions, surrounded by color and festivity?

I think our world would be a better place.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
Anne Frank


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