Salzburg: First Impressions

Wow… where even to begin?

I arrived in Salzburg on a warm (HOT) Monday after flying at 3:45am. Yes, that is where I will begin.

However, that beginning can say NOTHING about the fantastic first couple of days I have had in this storybook city that I now call home.


My Hausfrau, a delightful and friendly woman named Frau Blagojevic, has the most beautiful little garden, home, and a huge bear of a golden retriever. I am living in a room that looks like something off of the Free People pinterest board. As one of the neighbors told me, “living with Monika must be paradise!” Well, it most certainly is.IMG_5024

IMG_5031 IMG_5030

The city itself is more than I could have hoped for… more than even the pictures depict! From many outlook points one can view the entire city spread out, and it literally takes your breath away. So many beautiful buildings, churches, flowerboxes, streets, and squares abound in this gorgeous little town.


I had a nice little adventure on the first day of orientation classes—as expected, I got hopelessly lost. And, as not expected, that was preceded by me sleeping in an hour past my alarm. Thank goodness I set it really early! Anyway, I took the unfamiliar bus system to the city center and asked three separate people for directions. Most had no clue where I needed to go. One directed me toward Mozart’s WOHNhaus, which I walked across the river all the way to, when my class was actually near Mozart’s GEBURTShaus—ten minutes away. Finally, a sweet nun about four feet tall took me by the hand and walked me to the middle of the square where my class was meeting. By that time, I was (only) ten minutes late! I think that takes talent.

Anyway, on day two I felt much more secure with my surroundings.


This trip has been full of little blessings: I have met some nice people in my AIFS group, and I really enjoy spending time with my Hausfrau. I have begun cooking for myself in a new kitchen, I finally have internet, and I am beginning my German studies.


This is me in Mozart’s Geburtshaus with a copy of his original fortepiano! (I wasn’t allowed to take a picture… but of course I did it anyway. Who wouldn’t?!)

Everything is going so well!

Next step—finding a delicious Austrian restaurant for my first weekly night out!


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