Photo Story: Hiking with Lebenatem

Yesterday was quite the interesting day for me.

I was a bit of a mess.

I felt frustrated, discouraged, exhausted, angry, and sad.

Recently I have been trying to post here on Mondays and Thursdays… but my awful day ruined that goal.

It’s hard meeting setbacks in your mental health journey.

It’s hard paying doctors a lot of money only for them to not help you at all.

It’s hard doing this for a week, much less for years on end.

Rather than spend time blogging about these frustrations, I decided today to dive straight into remembering a beautiful day and a beautiful mood.

This weekend I spent a lovely day hiking with my love, and we had quite a wonderful afternoon. I was surrounded by beauty, and completely saturated with things I love:

Warm sunshine

Warm breeze through my hair

Beautiful green grass

Happy puppy love



Muddy boots

Blooming flowers


If you are struggling today, maybe go back through your recent photos and remember a happy day you’ve experienced.

Delve straight into that memory and let it cleanse your mood.

And if you’re unable to find a happy memory of your own, here’s one of mine. 🙂 Enjoy.

20160227_150637 20160227_150641 20160227_141036 20160227_141045 20160227_141153 20160227_141204 20160227_141251 20160227_141325 20160227_142032 20160227_142049 20160227_142236 20160227_142633 20160227_142820 20160227_143033 20160227_143204 20160227_143254 20160227_143445 20160227_143655 20160227_143739 20160227_143927 20160227_144208 20160227_144215 20160227_144333

“Our memory is a more perfect world than the universe: it gives back life to those who no longer exist.”
― Guy de Maupassant


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