Peeking Into My Art Journal

Yesterday evening, I realized ¬†an unbelievable fact. I had before me a completely free evening. No plans with friends, no night classes, no rehearsals, no homework, no obligations… How in heaven’s name did I come by this treasure on a Thursday of all days?

I am still baffled.

In any case, I journaled about my sheer excitement over having my first ounce of “free time.” Why is this a big deal, you ask? I’ll tell you. Because people always ask me the typical ‘What do you do with your free time’ question, and I always laugh and reply ironically that I don’t have any.

I can finally answer that question in a positive way!!! That night, I had before me three completely free hours with which to pursue whatever activity my heart desired.

I spent a long twenty minutes just contemplating what I would most like to do. Should I take a long bubble bath? (BAD IDEA with a halfway-working water heater that ended up producing the most disappointingly lukewarm bubble bath I have ever experienced.) Should I spend the time reading my lovely Anne of Green Gables, which I have been so enjoying? Should I blog? Should I play Final Fantasy X on my Playstation 2? The list goes on. You can see why this took me twenty minutes.

I finally decided to spend the evening in creativity, with my Art Journal. If you’ve never heard of Art Journaling, check out an explanatory article here. Or, just google it. I dare you. :)

One of my favorite art journal pages from the past

Thursday night, I spent all of that time art journaling. Messing around with pen, doodles, watercolors, and words… basically just expressing the creativity within me in whichever ways it decided to present itself.

Why do I love art journaling? A list.

  • It takes a significantly short amount of time to create a beautifully “complete” artwork– perfect for my busy schedule!
  • It’s the perfect short-term outlet for daily creative work.
  • Inside my art journal, it’s perfectly alright to experiment with colors and techniques. There is no such thing as “messing up.”
  • I love looking back on all my pages and seeing the incredible variety.
  • It is an art form that includes one of my other favorite personal disciplines of all time– journaling!
  • In short, Art Journaling is FUN!
A Zentangle, start to finish!

I also love Art Journaling because it gives me an opportunity to create side-by-side with those I love.

Sawyer and I frequently have Art Journal “parties”– don’t even get me started on how inspiring it is to see her creativity explode in her pages. I’ve always admired her eye for color, shape, and the profound meaning she gives to all her work. Just one example of how Art Journaling can bring people together, in a deep way!

I’m not sure that I could as easily sketch or paint a canvas with a friend… I would be much too focused on making the perfect piece of art.

That’s not what this is about.

Art Journaling is one of many ways in which I am learning to be the keeper of my own flame. And fulfilling that purpose, friends, is exactly what I choose to do with my free time.

In case you’re interested,

Some of my favorite Art Journaling links:
Absolutely gorgeous zentangle/watercolor inspiration from Alisa Burke
One of my favorite Pinboards featuring Art Journaling techniques– Colleen Sullivan-Blake
A creative “art journal prompts” list–

Enjoy creating!


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