DIY: Earring Book

If you’ve ever seen my closet, you would know that I am utterly OBSESSED with earrings.

I don’t even try to deny it.

After piercing my ears (finally) in highschool, I have pursued the art of having way, way, WAY too many earrings. I daresay I have been successful thus far!

Now, if you have seen my closet, you would also know how very organized I tend to be.

Traveling with a million pairs of earrings can be anything but organized.

Thus, I came up with this simple (and cheap) DIY to assist with my travel needs: an Earring Book!

I’m sure you have seen my inspiration photo here.




3-4 sheets of soft felt

Needle- I used a larger leather needle I had lying around, though sewing through felt is usually easy.

Thread- I used black embroidery floss. You could use a contrasting color for a fun accent!

Sewing pins

White pencil and ruler

Accent ribbon of your choice


IMG_4715 IMG_4719


First, fold over your felt in book fashion. Determine how many sheets of felt you should use. I used three, but you may want to use two or four depending on how many earrings you plan on cataloging!

Using the ruler and pencil, mark a white line to sew along. Don’t worry– the pencil rubs off easily.




Insert pens through all pieces of felt, aligning them along the line you drew.

Tie a good knot in a LONG piece of thread, and sew away! I used a simple slipstitch.

I laid out my accent ribbon, and tacked it down in a couple places. You could also use fabric glue to glue the ribbon in place.

Finally, load up all your earrings and you’re ready to go!


IMG_4723 IMG_4726



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