Disney’s Castle

One weekend last month, my friends Morgan and Carolyn and I took a short trip over to the little town of Reutte in Austria in order to visit King Ludwig’s legendary castles across the border in Germany.

I can honestly say that Neuschwanstein may be one of my all-time favorite castles!

I love the inside of this castle even better than Versailles.

I love that every single wall throughout is covered with paintings of stories, operas, and fairy tales.

I love that Ludwig incorporated swans all over the place.

I love that the castle is so Disney-like, and that Walt Disney himself supposedly acquired inspiration here.

My favorite thing about visiting castles is taking moments here and there to imagine myself as a princess living inside.

A new item added to my bucket list: Paragliding on a beautiful day over Neuschwanstein castle.

I hope you enjoy seeing these glimpses of such a beautiful construction (sadly, pictures weren’t allowed inside).

IMG_5577 IMG_5589 IMG_5614 IMG_5609blog IMG_5612 IMG_5580 IMG_5637


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