Bonnie Scotland

I fell in love in Scotland.

I can hardly begin to describe how beautiful the place, the people, the music, the culture, and the food are.

I already have a flight returning to Scotland booked!

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For the first time this semester, I finally am experiencing a true Autumn!

Upon first arriving in Scotland, even though the weather was rainy and cold, I immediately noticed the gorgeous fall colors.

The ferns that cover the landscape come in all varieties of yellow, green, brown, and muted orange.

I loved looking out over the meadows and seeing bright glowing yellows on the other side.

The Scottish countryside is so unbelievably gorgeous, and I am so thankful for my train rides that allowed me to see it firsthand.

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Scotland is full of gorgeous castles.

These places have a very particular feeling… one that involves peace, stillness, old age, and wisdom.

The buildings and the grounds have souls that speak of the long and difficult centuries they endured, and almost seem as though they are finally at rest. This leaves a profound quiet, which is only enhanced by the constant fog and mist that hovers over Scotland in the fall.

I love hearing about Scotland’s long conflicted history, and seeing the locations where such events happened. Here, I feel a strong connection to the past.

Fun fact: the castle at the bottom was the original site for Winterfell (GoT) as well as the castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

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One of my favorite things about Scotland is the dialect.

So many times during my stay, I had to say “What?” “What is that?” and “What do you mean…?” Being in a country that speaks your language so differently can be incredibly humbling– I for one felt like a complete idiot!

However, learning some of my favorite Scottish words made me fall in love with the language. Some of my favorites:

“Hairy coos”

“Fairy lights”


I can’t even begin to describe how much I love the phrases that the scots say using some of these words!

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Scotland is full of naturally breathtaking locations.

I could hike through this place for years and never reach the end of these beautiful sights!

This is such a special place because even the rain, cold, wind, and mist can’t dampen the natural beauty that surrounds us there.

Morgan and I wanted to take a day trip out to the Isle of Skye to see the “most” breathtaking natural sights in Scotland, but the weather didn’t allow us to go. I am not even sorry! We saw such beautiful things regardless.

Besides, I think the man upstairs had a better plan for us on that day. :)


A little sidenote about Scottish cuisine: I love it!

Yes, I actually tried “Haggis” and I actually loved it! I felt very adventurous ordering it for my very first meal in Scotland– and I am so glad that I did.

From what I can tell, Scottish dishes consist of meat, starch (usually potatoes or pastry), all with a creamy base sauce with the possibility of vegetables (“veg” as they say) on the side. Their soups are delicious, their fried food is divine, and most everything involves a beautifully warm, almost-but-not-quite-heavy feeling when you’re finished.

This is Europe’s comfort food!



Bonnie Scotland was the location of my favorite day of this entire semester so far… and possibly my favorite day all year!

This quirky little pub was the site of so many wonderful moments, conversations, and connections. I can’t even begin to describe all that happened here, but I will give you a small taste of the most lovely day of my recent life:

Listening to music that you feel in your very bones… music that reminds you of ages past and loves once known and never forgotten.

Dancing through laughter in a room full of happy people.

A long-awaited kiss from a fairy-tale prince in the middle of a river…


I cannot wait to return to Scotland. To learn ever more about this rich and exciting culture. To dance more jigs and feel the call of the bagpipes once again.

Scotland touched my soul.

I fell in love.

“I went to this beautiful place where the ground moved underneath me and the air was a part of me, and where time stopped. It was amazing and wonderful. But God sent me back, back to my body, back to you.” – Lindsey Water


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