50 Things You Love to Do

Inspired by Kylie and her amazingly free online-class “Welcoming the Good,” I decided to post my contribution to one of last week’s assignments. Based on this post, we produced lists of our own.

50 things, big and small, life-changing and everyday, profound and seemingly-inconsequential. Anything goes!

I had quite a fun time creating this list of joyful things. The process definitely brought a smile to my face. I hope that reading this list will bring you a similar smile!


50 things Mandi loves to do:

1. Eat queso

2. Accept long hugs

3. Be warm beside a fire

4. Write blog posts

5. Play piano

6. Sing with a great choir


7. Cook and bake

8. Watercolor

9. Play with sweet dogs

10. Doodle mandalas

11. Watch Smallville

12. Ride the Titan at Six Flags

13. Travel across Europe

14. Hike beautiful mountains

15. Read amazing novels

16. Art journal

17. Give gifts


18. Perform recitals

19. Sing my heart out

20. Snuggle in warm blankets

21. Go on fancy dinner dates

22. Go to Granny’s house

23. Laugh

24. Take photographs

25. Crochet

26. Creatively braid my hair

27. Browse bookstores and libraries

28. Write calligraphy

29. See my best friends


30. Go to the movies

31. Eat really good beef

32. Walk in the snow

33. Dance with a partner

34. Create things

35. Drum

36. Swim in the sea

37. Watch Disney movies

38. Learn new things

39. Sleep


40. Ride horses

41. Collect seashells

42. Look at pretty lights

43. Teach

44. Attend concerts

45. Study wisdom

46. Eat pound cake

47. Open Christmas presents

48. Get my nails done

49. Make new friends

50. Be outside in nature


There’s the list! The challenge follows: create your own list of happiness! Things that you LOVE to do. It only takes a couple of minutes, but this process has the potential to add some serious sparkle to your day.

Kylie’s further challenge to us was to select one of these things to do next Friday as the conclusion of the online class. I haven’t yet decided which one I plan to do, but I am excited to engage in a little self-care!

I hope you join me in this little journey of joy!

When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.¬†Walt Disney


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